About Us

mark barber custom homes

I started Mark Barber Custom homes with my wife Kiersten in 1995, previous to that I spent years learning how to build high quality custom homes from the ground up by some of the best Craftsmen in the business. To see how the market has changed in that time is truly exciting, with new products and innovative ideas that make your home not only look better, but perform better as well. One constant thing that has not changed is my passion, dedication and determination to make each and every home, remodel, or renovation be as exceptional as it can possibly be.

Mission Statement:

Every Home, Remodel or Renovation we do is designed with your own unique individual character, that design reflects who you are. We are committed to making your dream become a reality by paying unwavering attention to detail and having a team in place that is committed to the highest level of quality. Paying attention to the smallest details ensures that the design will stay consistent from start to finish. It is that special feeling you get when you walk into a home and you cannot put your finger on one thing that makes the home extraordinary, it’s all the small details put together.

The Goal:

At Mark Barber Custom Homes we believe that communication and complete transparency is the cornerstone to a productive and positive client relationship. It is a close relationship between builder and client built on trust and communication, a friendship that lasts long after the job is finished. We are committed to providing our clients with extraordinary service and an absolute regard for their financial resources. From the design stage until you move in we will do all the heavy lifting so you can enjoy the experience. We strive to make each home, renovation or remodel that we do become a home that provides comfort, security and will endure the test of time. I stand behind the quality and durability of every home or remodel we take part in and know that our client’s home and especially their satisfaction will also endure the test of time

Our approach:

Deciding to create or recreate your living space brings excitement and anticipation. However we have seen and heard how quickly those emotions are replaced with anxiety and frustration. We simply do not accept that. We manage the process from start to finish with your vision in mind, with honesty, transparency and communication throughout our collaboration.